Basic Package

Assistant - Organise your appointments and task reminders

With acupuncture office assistant you can not only view/make appointments and to-do reminders, but you can automatically receive reminders from other parts of the system, you will be automatically notified when Employee contracts are about to expire from the payroll feature, or when patient follow-ups are due. The assistant feature acts as a gate way to all of your business operations.

- Easily create and view appointments for multiple practitioners

- Send clients appointment text/email reminders – No forgotten appointments

- Easy entry of patient treatment notes

- Helpful to do reminders will ensure everything is kept up to date

- Seamlessly integrated with other functions of Acupuncture office

- Print appointment schedules and to do lists

Clinical and Charging – Handles all clinical aspects of your practice

Clinic and charging takes care of all of your clinical management tasks, ACC45’s and claims can be sent electronically, eliminating delays and paperwork. Clinical and Charging saves you time and money through automatic checking of ACC and accounting rules as you work. Reducing practice overheads by providing a quick and easy method of information collection. Clinical and charging makes detailed reports on practice performance, patient details and outstanding claims as well as producing a range of statistical information.

- Send ACC claims electronically

- Automatically check that your entry complies with ACC /insurer  rules

- Enable frequent claims to ACC/Insurer

- Provide you with GST figures making GST reports easy

- Provide up to date statistical information from patient, clinic and financial perspectives

- Avoid repetitious data entry by automatically integrating details throughout Acupuncture office

- Reduce accountant bills by making accurate financial information available to your accountant

- Provide indication of business performance and profitability levels

- Ease the collection of patient clinical and financial information

- Track borrowed goods and get update details on items due for follow up.


Other Packges